May 4, 2015

5/4, St. John the Divine

Early Monday evening about 6:10, Madeleine the red-tailed hawk perched on the side of her nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine for five or six minutes.

Czthedral Hawk Nest - 9673

And then took off, first flying over to the roof of the Avalon Bay condo, perching a half minute and then flying out over Morningside Park, where she started to circle around.

Hawk Over Morningside - 9691

Too many circles to count, but after making it east past Manhattan Ave., she headed back west and circled over the Cathedral Schoo a few times.

Hawk Over Morningside - 9708

And from there headed somewhere west-ish. No sign that she returned to the nest over the next 25 minutes, nor did I find her or Norman perched on the hospital roof where they have regularly been found at this time of the day during the past week.

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