5/7, Morningside Drive

The adult red-tailed hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine still seem to be acting like there's no reason to pay attention to their nest, or at least they behave that way when I see them. And meanwhile there's no sign of anything happening in the nest, like wiggling twigs or white wash on the surrounding stone. It's looking like a nesting failure, although it will be another week or so before we can be certain about it.

Early Thursday evening after checking the nest, I walked up to the overlook at Morningside Drive and 116th St and turned around to find a hawk flying over the rooftops, and then starting to circle around right overhead.

Madeleine Over Morningside - 9902

Madeleine Over Morningside - 9904

Looks like Madeleine.

Madeleine Over Morningside - 9922

She circled higher.

Madeleine Over Morningside - 9950

Disappeared behind the university's East Campus Dorm for a moment before re-appearing.

Madeleine Over Morningside - 9961

Way way up now, and drifting east over Morningside Park.

Madeleine Over Morningside - 9966

Oh, hey. There's another red-tail. Looks like Norman is here.

Norman over Morningside - 9984

Lost track of Madeleine there for a moment, but the hawks crossed past each other and there she is again.

Madeleine over Morningside - 0018

Soared high up over 116th St. and came in for a landing atop the East Campus Dorm.

Cming in for a Landing - 0026

Where Norman had already landed.

Madeleine & Norman - 0030

They perched there for a few minutes.

Madeleine & Norman - 0033

Norman shuffling a little closer at one point.

Madeleine & Norman - 0053

And then Norman took off, soaring south and then drifting southwest and out of sight as he passed over the hospital.

Norman Over Morningside - 0075

And while I had been watching him, Madeleine had quietly disappeared in another direction. Overall, the whole scene took about 12 minutes.

Posted 5/07/2015 10:52:00 PM by Robert

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