6/12, St. John the Divine


Even as baby red-tailed hawks have been fledging the nest around Manhattan, the schedule is running a month behind at the nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. There with the late hatch, the question has been: how many nestlings are there?

Reports from hawk watchers last week only reported seeing one baby hawk, and certainly we only saw one on Friday.

Checking the cathedral nest late on a very warm Monday afternoon initially showed only mama Madeleine, perched on the side of the nest and mostly watching what was happening elsewhere, especially to the southeast. Possibly something interesting was going on at the south end of Morningside Park


Heading up Morningside Drive to a flatter vantage point, I turned around and shot some pictures from a long distance. Zoomed in on the camera's LCD screen to see what it revealed, and found... oh, my... uno, dos, tres.

Three Kids - 5342

Three baby hawks were standing up behind mama and looking around.

Briefly some better views were available closer to the nest.

Nestling and Mother - 5369

After which the kids started settling back down.

Posted 6/13/2017 12:36:00 AM by Robert

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On 6/15/2017 8:48 PM , Jeff K said...

Great sighting! Three here and three at Grant's Tomb -- our nabe is producing lots of new hawks!