6/4, J. Hood Wright Park


The Washington Heights red-tail hawk nest across from J. Hood Wright Park seems to be running a little late this year. Even as young hawks begin to fledge from other Manhattan nests, the JHW nestlings still have some fuzz on their heads and look several days if not a week or more away from being ready to go.


But at least they are exercising their wing muscles a bit.


Although it was reported two weeks ago that there are again three hawks nestlings in the JHW nest, I was only able to get a look at two. A single photo did suggest at the presence of a third, but if it was there, it stayed down and didn't even budge as its sibs big-footed around the nest.


Although watching the skies and the sidewalk below was on the agenda, there was also a whole lot of preening going on. No surprise given the drizzly weather.


Elsewhere uptown, it looks like the Fairview Ave./Gorman Park nest has failed. Although a mama hawk was seen brooding there a couple times earlier this season, it was apparently empty when I passed by a few weeks ago. Checking on the site again on Sunday, it was indeed hawkless — neither adult nor nestling.

Posted 6/04/2017 10:33:00 PM by Robert

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