6/21, Grant's Tomb


Other hawkwatchers have reported that the Grant's Tomb hawk fledglings have been exploring more over the past week. On Wednesday evening, though, the first hawk to be spotted came courtesy a pedestrian using his phone to take pictures of a low-perched hawk. It turned it was one of the adults, the General himself.


He was lurking in the heart of blue jay territory west of Claremont Playground. He seemed to be watching on the slope below, but what had his attention wasn't obvious.


There were also some begging noises coming from the area. One of the fledglings was perched in a tree overhanging the playground area.


Yep, this was the bird doing all the crying.


With no success.


Still at it ten minutes later.


There were enough begging cries that I thought another fledgling might be perched in the trees 25 yards south, but if so, he was tucked away out of sight.

The one fledgling stayed where it was until the light started to turn.


And then disappeared as I again looked around to the south.

Posted 6/22/2017 01:55:00 AM by Robert

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