6/14, Grant's Tomb

GT Hawk Fledgling - 5555

The fledgling hawks at Grant's Tomb seem to be the hawk version of slackers, as one or two of them can often be found hanging about the nest site rather than out exploring. And if not there, they might be on the ledge around the edge of the lower roof of the monument, only 40-50 feet away from the nest. It's not clear if they're staying so close to home because one or both of the parents regularly delivers meals there, or if the meals are being delivered there because that's where the kids are at.

GT Hawk Fledglings - 5557

Nevertheless, they do venture away from the nest from time to time. Other hawk watchers have reported meeting them on the plaza around the back of the tomb. On Wednesday I encountered one on the park path between the tomb and Claremont Playground, perched on a bench just like any other neighborhood resident enjoying the evening weather.

GT Hawk Fledgling - 5493

Like other red-tails born in the city, he seems enured to the presence of humans, as he was exchanging stares with a girl and her father who were sitting two benches away.

GT Hawk Fledgling - 5501

It was a nice evening to chill on a bench.

GT Hawk Fledgling - 5504

Aside from having from passers-by stop to take pictures of you.

GT Hawk Fledgling - 5507

"I think my right profile is my best side. What do you think?"

GT Hawk Fledgling - 5510


GT Hawk Fledgling - 5514

Less than 10 minutes later, the fledgling got up, turned around, and flew to a tree over by the street. I lost track of him, but within another 15 minutes, he was up on the nest platform, as all three of the Grant's Tomb kids were up there together.

Meanwhile, one of the adults had been lurking at the north end of the north annex of the International House. At one point it plummeted down, apparently trying to catch something along the road. It apparently failed, as it next appeared on a street light with no catch.

Grant's Tomb Hawk - 5517

Although part of a leaf could be seen stuck to its left talons.

Grant's Tomb Hawk - 5522
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