6/23, Grant's Tomb


During Friday evening's rain showers, one of the Grant's Tomb hawk fledglings was perched in plain view, while its two sibs were nowhere to be found. The visible fledge was in a tree halfway along the walkway from the monument to Claremont Playground.


Its crop seemed to be bulging a bit, so it looked like it had eaten not too long ago.


The rain wasn't coming down hard, so the fledgling looked more curious than miserable.


Mama paid a very quick visit, then flew over to perch above Riverside Drive.


I had to wonder how many of the drivers passing below her had noticed she was watching them.


With an adult in the area, the one fledgling did a little bit of begging. Presumably on general principle rather than actual desire for food.

Begging - 5831

Mama switched lamp posts but let the beggar be.

Posted 6/24/2017 01:34:00 AM by Robert

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