June 28, 2019

6/27, St. John the Divine


Early Thursday evening, I was barely on cathedral grounds for a minute before spotting the red-tail fledgling One. He was atop a chimney of the Cathedral House, noshing on pigeon. And a good thing, too, because shortly later he took and alit in a spot where over the many years I have perhaps just once found a fledgling to be lurking.

The pigeon must have been in two parts, as the fledgling finished with whatever was on the right side of the chimney top, then picked up another that was toward the left.


Perhaps he was moving off in order to get out of the hot sun, or perhaps small birds were harassing him. In any event, he flew over the roof of the old orphanage building. I found him perched on the cathedral wall behind the orphanage and overlooking the side door of the cathedral.


He finished off what remained of the pigeon.


Made a few cries. Possibly a parent was in sight, or maybe if was because there was definitely some harassment over here from sparrows and a grackle.


Then sidled along the ledge that was a bit more protected, both from other birds and from the sun.


Yes, that pigeon feather remained stuck to his beak for the rest of the time I was there.


And after another 15 minutes or so, I headed out to get my own dinner.

The hawkwatching grapevine has reported that fledgling Two is doing well at rehab and could be ready for release "soon".

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