June 21, 2019

6/20, St. John the Divine


There was some hawk drama at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Thursday afternoon, which I missed because I didn't check personal e-mail for a couple hours. The second fledgling had been found grounded in the service area alongside St. Ansgar chapel, roughly 30 yards directly north of the nest site, and apparently injured. NYC Parks's Rangers Rob and Grant retrieved him about 4:15, and Urban Hawks has photos.

At last word the bird was at WINORR for treatment and rehab. It is reported to have some head trauma and a vision problem, although whether the vision problem is due to the injury wasn't clear to me.

As for the first fledgling, just recognizable due to a bit of fluff just above its beak, he was reported to be perched in the turret above St. Andrew (the old nest site) at 10:00 this morning, and then in the turret above St. James the Great while his sib was being rescued. I found him there at 5:00.


But about 5:30 he became active.


Moved about the turret for 10 minutes.


Then popped up to the roof edge at the base of the big cross. Hung out there for a few minutes, then over to perch on a small gargoyle about 10-15 feet about the nest. Looked about for a minute or two, then dropped into the nest. There he began to nosh on something, and was still at it when I exited due to incoming bad weather.

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