4/8, A Brief Easter Visit with Tristan

Easter Sunday featured another long walk, this time closer to home with Riverside Park, Central Park, and Morningside Park on the itinerary. But despite being out for well over two hours, interesting sightings were few.

Riverside Red, the red-headed woodpecker at 92nd St., was perched in plain sight and sunlit when I first arrived at his locale at about 4:00. But the little beggar disappeared while I was getting my camera out of the backpack and did not return in the next twenty minutes. There was no sign of the two juvenile hawks in Riverside Park either, although whether that means they were just in some other part of the park or have migrated, I can't say.

Over in Central Park, no hawks around the West 80s, and over in the East 70s there was just a distant glimpse of Lola's head poking out of the Fifth Avenue nest.

Heading back north, still no action in the West 80s, just some suspicious squirrel whining in the West 90s, and nada by the Pool or the upper Ravine. After a circuit around the North Woods and past the Blockhouse, ahhh... some enthusiastic jay bitching. They soon quieted down but when I stepped back onto the loop road just after 6:10 and looked downhill, there was Tristan.

Red-Tailed Hawk at Central Park Great Hill

No idea how long he's been perched overlooking the road, so it's not clear whether he's been munching on pigeon (?) or cleaning one for his girl's dinner. When I get closer, his attention has turned from food to scanning the skies. Looking west...

Red-Tailed Hawk at Central Park Great Hill

... and north.

Red-Tailed Hawk at Central Park Great Hill

A moment later he took off, carrying the meal. I lost sight of him around the bend of the road, but it looked like he was headed straight north rather than in the direction of the Cathedral.

But perhaps he did sneak over toward the nest. Five minutes later when I reached the southeast corner of Morningside Park, there was a quick glimpse of someone hawklike flying east across the park and then down 112th St. Perhaps Tristan had just made a food drop-off at the Cathedral, or perhaps there was a switch-off and that was Isolde heading east.

Sunday dinner called, so no time to hang about and see if the eastbound hawk returned.

Posted 4/10/2007 07:26:00 PM by Robert

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