4/30, Circling About

Again tried to check in at the Cathedral at a time when the hawks might be feeding the nestlings. I suspect I was just a bit late.

Arrived just before 5:25 to find the nest quiet. The only thing of interest was a long stick on the top of the north side which wasn't there yesterday. So someone is still feeling constructive.

Stepped into Morningside Park with the intent of making the usual pass past the dog run and the pond and then back up to Morningside Drive. Instead, a moment later I realized that Tristan was straight ahead, perched in a tree between the path and the dog run.

Tristan in Morningside Park

Not the easiest place to get a closer photo.

Tristan in Morningside Park

So what was on Tristan's mind? He was doing the usual looking about, often to his left and so I figured he might be casing the pond area for pigeons. Perhaps he had hunting in mind? Probably not, as the next bunch of pictures would reveal that his crop was so stuffed it looked like he's swallowed a cantaloupe.

Ten minutes after spotting Tristan in the tree, I had walked up to Morningside Drive, and then realized I couldn't see him anymore. Let's check that spot again. He's gone. Where'd he go? Oh!

Tristan over Morningside Park

Pretty much straight up from where he'd been. And check out that crop.

Tristan over Morningside Park

Oooh, nice healthy red tail.

Tristan over Morningside Park

He kept on circling and doing figure eights over the dog run area and the upper lawn...

Tristan over Morningside Park

...exposing himself for the world to see. And somehow the half dozen people right underneath him, enjoying the beautiful day, somehow failed to see Tristan.

Tristan over Morningside Park

More circling. C'mon guy, if you're trying to get some altitude to go the nest or to St. Luke's, you have to put some effort into it.

Tristan over Morningside Park

But no. He's not going upwards.

Tristan over Morningside Park

And finally after close to a minute and a half, he peeled off to the north.

Fifteen seconds later the pigeons down by the pond all burst into the air, and I thought perhaps he'd made a strike down there. (I hadn't looked at my pix yet to discover that full crop.) But there was nothing happening when I headed down that way.

Back up to Morningside Drive and still all quiet at the nest. Lots of people heading home from work or school. Many more on bicycles today than in a long time. it is, after all, despite the erratic breeze, a gorgeous late afternoon slash early evening.

6-10 DSC_0095.JPG

At 6:15 I'm looking through the field glasses at the nest, and lower them to find that Tristan has re-appeared perched on Gabriel's horn.

Tristan and Gabriel

He hung, looking around, preening just a bit, etc.

Tristan and Gabriel Perhaps he spoke a few words to Gabriel.

Ten minutes later he disappeared just as quietly.

Still no activity at the nest.


Posted 4/30/2007 10:51:00 PM by Robert

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