4/7, Pre-Easter Hawkwatching

After a long walk around Van Cortlandt Park without seeing much more than a lot of robins and geese, I returned to Manhattan before 6:00 and opted to check in at the Highbridge Park nest. There was no sign of the male red-tailed hawk on the antennas at the Isabella or anywhere nearby, but the female was sitting quietly in the nest.

Highbridge Park Hawk in Nest

It was good to see that she'd made it through the cold rain earlier in the week, and the snow flurries too.

Although she may have been looking me over (why's he standing there? what's that thing he holds up and points my way?) it seemed far more likely she was keeping an eye on the flock of eight crows who were hanging around along Amsterdam Ave. I hung about the area for about ten minutes. All remained quiet.

Highbridge Park Hawk in Nest

Finally I began walking south, first along the park path and then along Amsterdam, hoping to catch sight of the male in the air. No such luck. Finally at 161st St. I caught the subway south.

Entered Morningside Park at the north end at about 7:00. It was late enough that perhaps I'd catch Tristan going to roost. Nope, and no sign of the turkey about either. But after reaching Morningside Drive and 113th St., I belatedly discovered Tristan perched in a tree on the little hill at 114th St. A minute later as I maneuvered for a position with a good camera angle I turned my back on him for just a moment and he took the opportunity to quietly disappear, presumably headed in the direction of his "favorite" roosting spot.

Posted 4/07/2007 08:51:00 PM by Robert

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On 4/07/2007 11:35 PM , Rob Jett said...

Hey RBS,

Nice blog, I just added a link on my site. I've been writing back and forth to some of the other city hawk bloggers. We should try and do a "Big Hawk Day" some day before the young fledge.


On 4/10/2007 7:43 PM , Robert said...

Thanks for the comment and the link Rob.

I was glad to see the report on your site that the new Green-Wood nest had been found.

I do have it in mind to visit some of the other hawk nests about town over the next couple months. I'd been thinking about Fordham this coming weekend, but I would like to get down to Brooklyn this month and a trusty native guide would be great.