Cathedral Landmarks

When commenting on where the the red-tailed hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine are perched, flying between, etc., it's useful to use the names of the various parts of the structure and statues. But few folks know what the names are. Herewith, then, an annotated aerial picture showing the nest location and a bunch of those locations.

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Except for St. Andrew, I haven't marked the tall saint statues along the cathedral roofline. But probably the only other ones you might need to know are St. Peter and St. Matthew. St. Peter is immediately to the left of St. Andrew and is holding a key (of course), while St. Matthew is to the right of St. Andrew and has a shawl draped over his head. He's also bent over like he's listening to someone.

A few of the "minor" locations that are marked are favorite perches, especially for fledglings. These include the cross on St. Savior chapel, the angel on St. Columba, and the tall finial at the east end of St. Ansgar.

Hope this helps.

Posted 6/13/2007 03:13:00 PM by Robert

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