6/22-6/23, Bedtime for Little Hawks

Still catching up. Here's two days of late evening red-tail fledgling watching a week ago.


7:25 p.m. - First hawk sighting is a fledgling perched at the base of the cross on the roof of St. Savior chapel. Vigorous preening is going on. Fledge's belly band looks medium-ish, so I guess this is Eldest?

Red-Tail Fledgling

7:29 - From Morningside Drive, another fledgling is spotted perched on a final atop St. James chapel. Although very backlit, a heavy belly band suggests it is Brownie. Only to get a better look will be to walk all the way around tp the other end of the cathedral and walk into the close.

Red-Tail Silhouette

7:38 - Made the walk around the cathedral. Brownie still on the St. James finial.

Red-Tail Fledgling

7:39 - She's looking interested in something. Did an adult just fly behind me and up to the cathedral roof?

7:40 - Poof, Brownie flies off around the east end of the cathedral. She seems to be low, so she might be headed somewhere near Eldest.

7:49 - Made the return trek back, and a fledgling is perched on the favored urn atop St. Luke's hospital. Medium to heavy belly band, so it's not Youngest/Runt.

7:50 - Eldest is still on the rope knot on the St. Savior's cross, so the fledgling on the hospital roof is Brownie.

8:02 - Parents begin to make their appearance, almost like they'd perched in the tops of nearby trees. Tristan perches on the top of the St. Savior cross.

Tristan the Red-Tail

8:03 - And Isolde alights on the top of the tall finial of St. Ansgar chapel.

But checking back on St. Savior, looks like Eldest has moved. Tristan is on the top of the cross, but Eldest is not to be seen.

And Isolde is departing already, circling around the end of the Cathedral.

8:11 - Tristan also exits, but I think I saw him simply move into a nearby treetop over Morningside Drive.

8:21 - A fledgling back on the rope knot at the base of the St. Savior cross. Looks like Brownie this time, and she did disappear from the hospital roof in the last few minutes.

8:22 - Fledgling disappears while I'm looking another direction.



What with things to do and a last-minute tech support call to help with a family computer, I figured I wouldn't check on the cathedral hawks today. But 8:00 came around and I was close enough that it seemed I might look at the west front for some sunset color. Not yet... might as well check on the hawks.

Note: Apaprently about an hour or so before I got there, fledgling(s) were sighted north of the cathedral. "Runt" may have been spotted perched on the eglise up at 114th St.

8:10 - Nothing initially, but then a fledgling flies from back on one of the chapel roofs and alights on the peak of the roof of the north wing of the Cathedral School.

Red-Tail Fledgling

8:12 - An adult appears and perched atop the cross on the roof of St. Savior chapel. Isolde?

8:14 - Fledgling at school changes position and is now perched on a chimney.

8:18 - Another fledgling visible on the eaves of St. Martin's chapel.

8:21 - School fledgling (I think it's the same one as 10 minutes ago) now perched on the northwest peak of the school roof, looking over the close.

8:22 - A little excitement on the roof of St. Martin's chapel. Looks like there are two fledglings up there. Yep, there's two up there.

Red-Tail Fledglings

And moving around a bit.

Red-Tail Fledglings

8:26 - Fledglings are perched close to each other, sometimes checking out the chapel roof. Leftover morsels?

Red-Tail Fledglings

Also, the adult left the St. Savior chapel cross exited in the last few minutes, flying into the cathedral close area. Going to roost?

8:27 - Apparently bedtime for the entire family. One fledgling on chapel roof flies across Morningside Drive and into a tree in the park, close to the 112th St. overlook.

8:28 - And the other fledgling on the chapel also takes off, seemingly to join her sibling but then turning down Morningside Drive and flying into the trees over the construction shack near 110th St.

8:35 - Fledgling in park tree still visible. Not going to sleep quite yet, but probably soon.

8:36 - Exit.

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