6/19, Brownie Goes to School

Again, just two Cathedral red-tailed hawk fledglings spotted today. But one was found in a new spot.

5:23 p.m. - Arrive at cathedral. A fledgling is immediately spotted perched on side of transept buttress behind and above Baptistry.

Red-Tail Fledgling

5:28 - Around the corner and down Morningside Drive, another fledgling spotted perched on northeast corner of roof of Cathedral School. She's wtaching kids on the school playground.

Red-Tail Fledgling

5:37 - Stretttttch.

Red-Tail Fledgling

5:39 - Thought I saw something flying over the roof of the school.

5:40 - Papa Tristan appears and lands atop a tree across Morningside Drive and just inside the park.

Red-Tail in Morningside Park

5:41 - Robins have been complaining vociferously about Tristan, and one takes a couple shots at him.

Red-Tail and Robin

5:44 - Tristan takes off and flies southeast. Last seen angling south and disappears behind 352 West 110.

5:46 - Fledgling atop school has shifted position a bit but is otherwise staying put. I think this is Brownie, the one with the heavy belly band.

Red-Tail Fledgling

5:49 - Other fledgling is still on transept buttress.

5:57 - Brownie looks happy to see me back to take more pictures.

Red-Tail Fledgling

6:10 - Fledgling is still on transept buttress.

Red-Tail Fledgling

6:15 - Brownie turned around so that it look like she's watching the traffic on Morningside Drive, but her eyes are closed like she's trying to take a nap.

Red-Tail Fledgling

6:25 - Fledgling has disappeared from buttress. Doctor entering parking lot points toward hospital roof, eave of section protruding from mansard. She's headed upward toward the crest.

6:35 - Haven't been able to spot fledgling from parkside path with better view of hospital roof. Time to leave.

6:36 - From down 113th St., fledgling's head is just visible on hospital roof.

Posted 6/20/2007 11:58:00 PM by Robert

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