6/24, Sunday Dinner?

No family dinner for me today, so I can hang out around the cathedral looking for red-tails. Perhaps I'll catch a late feeding.

Approaching the Cathedral from the south, so let's check the close first.

6:27 p.m. - A fledgling spotted perched high up on the end of the cathedral, sitting on the crennelations above the statue of St. James the Great (two statues to the left of St. Andrew and the nest). If I'd been on Morningside Drive, I probably never would have seen this perch.

Red-Tailed Fledgling

6:31 - Start walk around the cathedral to see what's on the other side.

6:37 - A fledgling spotted perched on the top of the St. Savior chapel rooftop cross.

Suddenly some motion. Did a hawk just pass behing the cross fledgling and disppear into the treetops?

6:45 - Have found a couple spots with overlapping partial views of the turret above St. James the Great, and there is no longer a fledgling up there.

7:10 - Despite listening and looking along Morningside Drive, it's just been the one fledgling perched atop the St. Savior cross for the past hour. Parked myself on a bench for awhile, then started back toward the chapels.

7:23 - Motion overhead. Parents flying over the chapels. Did I just see a fledgling moving about atop St. Columba chapel?

7:24 - A hawk fles east from the cathedral and keeps going, apparently a parent. Approaches the north end of the roof of 301 West 110.

Ack! Another hawk about to collide with the adult!

Red-Tail and Shadow

No, whew! Adult lands on roof of 301, and I realize that the "attacker" was her own shadow on the side of the building.

And whichever that adult is behaving like its dressing dinner.

7:27 - And now we have two fledglings in view. The first on the St. Savior cross, and now another on the eaves of St. Martin's chapel.

Red-Tail Fledgling

St. Martin's seems to have been a favored location the last few days.

7:29 - Pitiful feed-me whining erupts. Is the other adult hawk around?

Feed Me!

7:31 - Belatedly, I spot the other adult perched on the pointed roof above the statue of St. James the Great. Looks like Tristan, so that must be Isolde over on 301 West 110.

Tristan the Red-Tail

7:33 - Whining continues. The little girl on St. Savior's cross is getting really exercised about wanting some attention.

Feed Me!

7:38 - Isolde now perched on an antenna atop 301 West 110, while Tristan seems to have quietly vacated his perch on the cathedral.

7:50 - Zing! An adult flies low over the roof St. Martin's chapel, apparently drops something off a few feet to the side of the one fledgling.

Parent briefly stops to perch on a corner of the St. Martin's roof, while fledgling dives on food drop-off.

Other fledgling flies over from St. Savior cross, but sorry, there's not enough for two.

Red-Tail Fledglings

7:53 - Fledgling with food is finished eating. Other fledgling sits on edge of roof and looks digusted.

7:57 - For a moment they perch near each other. Then unfed fledgling starts poking about chapel roof to see if there are any uneaten morsels.

Red-Tail Fledglings

8:10 - Neither fledgling visible on roof of St. Martin's. Isolde is still over on 301 West 110.

8:17 - Exiting the scene along 113th St., I note that Tristan is perched on the roof of St. Luke's.

Tristan the Red-Tail

Posted 6/30/2007 10:40:00 PM by Robert

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