6/2-6/3, Weekend Hawks and Falcons

Busy, busy, busy, so a late posting.


5:26 p.m. -- Arrive at Cathedral to find mama Isolde is perched on a roof-edge final one widdershins of the nest, where she can see into the nest and the kids can see her. One baby hawk head is just poking up from above the edge of the nest.

5:27 - Baby stands up to do some preening, then some looking around. Her head looks pretty sleek; all the down is gone.

5:33 - From another viewing angle, two nestlings are visible: the first standing up on the north side of the nest and the second sitting on the south side. The first is watching something on the ground and the latter something in the air.

Curious Red-Tail Nestlings

Eventually they also watch me.

Curious Red-Tail Nestlings

5:35 - Getting a better look at the nestling at left, her head is not quite so sleek with feathers yet, but it's close.

5:36 - Yes, mom's perch provides an excellent view of the nest.

Isolde Guards Her Nest(lings)

5:50 - Generally been pretty quiet. Just two nestlings sometimes in view, and neither getting much exercised about anything other than occasional vigorous preening.

6:07 - With plenty of watching pedestrians, ambulances, dogs, etc.

Curious Red-Tail Nestling

6:13 - Isolde's stayed put the entire time.

Isolde on a Finial

6:25 - A switch-off on the north side of the nest, with sleek-head retreating to the back and someone with some down on top stepping out of the right rear corner to look around, and do some intent staring.

Curious Red-Tail Nestling

6:26 - Before sitting down with back to the street.

6:28 - Exit.


Weather forecast doesn't look good. What can we do that doesn't mean going very far from home?

3:40 p.m. - After a slow stroll 20 blocks northward through Riverside Park, looking about for the one-year-old red-tail who's rumored to be still about, arrive across the street from Riverside Church. An adult peregrine falcon can be seen perched on a decoration on the northwest corner of the tower, about 40 feet or so from the family scrape.

3:44 - And from a position directly across Riverside Drive from the nest, I can see a falcon nestling's head poking up a foot or two from the gargoyle where the scrape is located.

And then the adult is in the air, disappearing behind the tower after a circle on this side.

Riverside Church Peregrine

3:49 - Adult in the air again.

3:55 - Nestling now better in view. Hmmm, I may be 300 feet below this baby1, but it strikes me that she still looks a bit scruffy and will not be fledging soon.

Peregrine Nestling and Gargoyle

Peregrine Nestling and Gargoyle

3:56 - And an adult perched on the northwest corner again.

Riverside Church Peregrine

3:58 - But not necessarily the same one as seen before, because the other peregrine parent has landed at the scrape for what looks like a feeding.

4:01 - Looks like two baby peregrine heads are popping up above the ledge during the feeding.

4:02 - Rain's getting more regular, and it's impossible to take pix while holding an umbrella. Exit.

1 The church tower is 392 feet tall, and I'm guessing the peregrine scrape is 3/4 of the way up. Although if someone said 2/3, I wouldn't argue.

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On 6/08/2007 10:03 AM , Yojimbot said...

whats a widdershin? whatever it is, it sounds cool!

On 6/08/2007 1:04 PM , rbs said...

Widdershins just means counterclockwise.