6/21, Solsticial Rooftop Dining

Very belated post.... Too many pix to examine and too much other stuff to do.


6:31 p.m. - Two fledglings found perched next to each other on the corner of the eaves of the Cathedral School. One is staning up right on the corner and messing about with something a foot long, whilst the other is sitting in the gutter and watching.

Red-Tail Fledglings

It's tough to tell what the "plaything" is, and I debate whether it's a long strip of bark or a hawk or goose feather. Seems too long and straight to be a piece of leftover food.

6:41 - Maybe it was food. The first fledgling gave up, but now it looks like the second is trying to swallow something.

6:42 - And now they're looking around.

Red-Tail Fledglings

Is there a parent in the area?

Red-Tail Fledglings

6:44 - The kids were looking out a bit, and then there was quick screeching. Zip, papa Tristan appears and drops off food, then is gone in a second, probably afraid the kids would take a bite out of him.

Dinner is Served

Tristan flies to tree over sidewalk and almost overhead, looks relieved.

Tristan the Red-Tail

Kids dig in. Hard to see for sure, but one of them seems to have gotten the bigger piece and is mantling. But it's gristly and hard to get pieces off of.

Red-Tail Fledglings Feed

6:45 - Tristan shifts to tree over the street.

6:46 - Messy eating continues.

Red-Tail Fledglings Feed

6:47 - Dinner already over? Kids are looking around as if to see what else dad might have brought. But Tristan is gone.

Red-Tail Fledglings

Maybe someone dropped some food over the eaves?

Red-Tail Fledglings

7:00 - Kids have stayed put on school roof. Is the third one around somewhere?

7:02 - As I'm talking to Dottie on 113th St., mama Isolde flies up and perches on tall finial of St. Ansgar Chapel, then flies over to the tie-rod along the side of the transept arch.

Isolde the Red-Tail

7:03 - Isolde flies over to apse rooftop finial above statue of Saint Matthew.

Isolde the Red-Tail

7:10 - Checking on Morningside Drive, the two fledglings are still on the corner of the eaves, preening and loking around.

Red-Tail Fledglings

7:16 - Isolde still on finial.

7:20 - Isolde off finial.

7:23 - Ah-ha. Isolde merely dropped down to the eaves of the apse and is sitting about 30-40 feet from the finial.

7:30 - And belatedly I realize she may be looking across the street because Tristan is perched on the corner of the hospital roof.

7:32 - Isolde flies across street into tree below Tristan. Is the other fledgling in there? Well, maybe not, as she immediately flies off again, disappearing into trees over street near St. Savior chapel.

7:34 - Tristan stool on hospital roof, with house finch again expressing desire to engage in dialectic.

7:36 - Two fledglings still on school roof. One might be pecking about for leftovers.

Red-Tail Fledglings

7:40 - Parents around? Seems like someone was circling overhead, but is hanging out in treetops over the street rather than on architecture.

8:00 - Tried to check the view from Morningside Park's upper lawn. Too much foliage and too late in day to see anything. Kids also gone from school roof.

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