Cathedral Nest Area Landmarks

When trailing red-tail fledglings around the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, it helps to know what the landmarks are. Here's a map for reference — click on the map to see the larger version.

Ed. note: This map was created in 2008 and does not reflect all the changes in 2014-2015. The nest moved in 2015 to above the statue of St. Peter, and the parking lot areas are now two ugly apartment buildings.

Cathedral Nest Area Landmarks

To see a much bigger, and more readable, version, click here.

Posted 6/18/2008 09:41:00 PM by Robert

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On 6/19/2008 10:00 AM , Yojimbot said...

coool map...where did u find it?

On 6/19/2008 10:02 AM , Yojimbot said...

oh MADE that!!! excellent work, and yes, that will always be Tristan's Urn!

On 1/24/2011 11:19 PM , Donegal Browne said...

Duh, I just found this. It's wonderful, thanks so much Rob! And absolutely that will always be Tristan's urn.