6/3, Keeping an Eye on Things

Tuesday at 6:00 revealed both of the Cathedral red-tail hawk parents perched on a chimney cover at St. Luke's where they could keep an eye on the nest and the neighborhood.

Norman and Isolde atop St. Luke's

Based on their relative sizes, it seems Norman is at left and Isolde at right. Three or four time over the next couple minutes, they ducked as a kestrel dive-bombed.

And a few minutes later over at the nest, it looked like one of the nestlings was busy eating.

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestling

It settled down after 6:10, after which I strolled up to the north end of Morningside Park to see if there a marker for an historic point, Block House #4 from the War of 1812. Apparently not.

Back at the nest at 6:40, both nestlings were active, with one moving from side of the nest to the other so that it was always on the wrong side when I tried to take a pic. Well, I did catch one of them looking back at me.

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestling

I think that was youngest, in which case its belly band is beginning to fill in.

Meanwhile over at the hospital, there was only one parent still on the chimney cover.

A few minutes later, Norman flew into the nest. He too a quick look around, evincing "what have you kids been up to?" look.

Norman Visits the Nest

But after he left...

Norman Departs the Nest

it appeared that he might have delivered food, as one of the nestlings, but not both, was bobbing up and down over something in the middle of the nest.

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestling

Just before 7:00 I made my exit. One parent, probably Isolde, was on the chimney cover watching. She took a couple strafing runs from a kestrel as I looked up.

Red-Tail atop St. Luke's

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