6/25, Quiet

With family in town, it's been tough getting over to the cathedral to check on the hawks. Apparently I missed a bunch of peregrine v. hawk action.

Wednesday evening I was there from before 7:00 until just past 8:00. Checked all around, with help from Susan, but no sign of either the fledglings or the parents.

Unfortunately, word comes on Thursday morning that an injured female red-tailed hawk fledgling was rescued on 114th St. on Tuesday morning and taken to the Animal Medical Center. Although the rescue location wasn't clear, it was apparently within a couple blocks of the cathedral, possibly near Morningside Ave.

The word is that the fledge is suffering from lead poisoning and a lame foot. Another hawkwatcher has said he's seen the two fledglings playing with construction material on the cathedral roof, so one might have consumed some lead there.

Posted 6/26/2008 04:47:00 PM by Robert

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