5/30, Eldest and Youngest

Walking over to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Friday at 6:20, an adult hawk was easily spotted even before I crossed Amsterdam. Looks like Isolde is on her favorite chimney at St. Luke's.

St. Luke's Roof, with Hawk

By the time I reached the nest area, Isolde had taken off. But up in the nest, one of the nestlings was active along the north side of the nest. It was standing with it's fuzzy tail poking out, and it seemed like it might be eating. A few minutes later it apparently finished up and turned so that I see could its front.

Cathedral Red-Tail Baby

Note the tawny breast coloring developing, and the dark belly band feathers coming in.

Cathedral Red-Tail Baby

Another minute or two later, it settled down, sitting so that it's was just visible as it watched over the corner.

I moseyed down into Morningside Park and found the goose family out foraging.

Morningside Goos Family

Somehow the goslings struck me as looking a little like goats at this point.

Morningside Gosling

Back up at the cathedral just after 7:00, I found hawkwatcher Susan had arrived, and then Bruce showed up a minute or two later.

One of the hawks nestlings was standing up and looking out.

Cathedral Red-Tail Baby

In addition to what looks like a full crop, note the paler breast and the lack of a belly band, plus its head doesn't look quite so scruffy. This little hawk is behind the other in development and, ergo, is the youngest of the pair.

Ten minutes later one of the parents flew in.

Norman Visits His Kids

The beady looking eye reveals that it's Norman, plus he's apparently brought food.

But although at least one of the kids ogles the treat...

Norman Visits His Kids

There's no sign of a feeding. A minute later Norman flies across the street. He perches on the corner of St. Luke's for a few minutes, then disappears. A few minutes later I'll notice a hawk on the chimney cover on the other end of the building, but it wasn't clear whether it was Norman or Isolde.

After Norman's visit, the kids quickly settled back down. Again all that was visible was Youngest's head looking out over the edge of the nest.

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