6/10, St. John the Divine

Even as baby red-tailed hawks begin to fledge from nests around Manhattan, we're still wondering if there are baby hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. I have had occasional glimpses of Madeleine in the cathedral nest during the could weeks, sometimes just glimpses of her tail feathers poking up or a head peeking for half a minute.

Wednesday was another example of that. Around a quarter to six, the nest looked inactive. A few minutes later, Madeleine got up and looked around.

Madeleine in Her Nest - 2404

A minute later Madeleine started fussing about in the nest, then after minute or two of that she started settling down. The tips of her tail feathers were briefly visible, and then no hint of her presence at all. From first sighting of her to disappearance was less than five minutes.

So it appears Madeleine is still incubating eggs. If there's to be a hatch from the supposed second clutch, it seems like it should be this week or perhaps early next week. If not, one wonders how long Madeleine will keep at it before giving up.

Posted 6/10/2015 09:17:00 PM by Robert

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