6/25, St. John the Divine

While baby hawks are fledging from all the other nest in Manhattan, there is a suggestion that the red-tail nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine has actually had a hatch from the second clutch. Perhaps it occurred several days or even a week ago, but I'd been unable to visit the site for some time.

Thursday at 6:00 I found Madeleine perched on the side of the nest.

Madeleine in Her Nest - 2960

Every now and then she would lean into the nest, maybe fuss a bit, but most of the time she was just looking around.

Madeleine in Her Nest - 3010

Madeleine in Her Nest - 3024

Around 6:20, Madeleine began to pay much more attention to the nest contents. Then about 6:30, Norman flew in. A consultation ensued.

Consultation - 3105

Norman departed a minute and a half later, at which point Madeleine began what looked very much like a feeding.

Feeding Time? - 3145

Unfortunately, with the nest site so high, if there are baby hawks up there, it could be another week before a fuzzy head pops up enough to be visible to watchers on the ground.

Posted 6/26/2015 03:20:00 AM by Robert

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