6/27, J. Hood Wright Park

Saturday afternoon as the rain began to fall, I checked on the J. Hood Wright Park red-tailed hawk nest. The first of the three babies there fledged last Sunday and a second might have also. There was a possibility that one was still in the nest, but I found it empty.

Only one of the fledglings was out where he could be spotted, perched on a fire escape overlooking the park's basketball courts.

Wright Park Hawk Fledgling - 3329

It was apparent he'd been fed sometime recently.

Wright Park Hawk Fledgling - 3332

So he had nothing to do except perch in the rain and watch the neighborhood.

Wright Park Hawk Fledgling - 3333

And try to void being frightened by that curtain flapping in a wide-open window nearby.

Wright Park Hawk Fledgling - 3346

Stare at something on the ground a little more.

Wright Park Hawk Fledgling - 3359

And then as the rain got heavier, time to vacate. Good idea.

Posted 6/27/2015 06:44:00 PM by Robert

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