6/14, Fairview Ave. Fledge

The baby hawks at the Gorman Park nest, overlooking Fairview Ave., were almost the first to hatch in Manhattan this season, so I expected there to be a fledge this past week. Sunday afternoon, I found the nest empty. All three baby hawks had vacated.

Just before beginning the schlep up Fairview Ave. to get a better look at all the fire escapes, I spotted one baby hawk out of the corner of my eye.

Fairview Ave. Fledgling - 2674

He was perched on a TV antenna halfway along Broadway Terrace, a short flight from the nest site.

Fairview Ave. Fledgling - 2646

Fairview Ave. Fledgling - 2635

There was no sign of either of its siblings. Possibly I heard one of them begging, although those seemingly distant noises may have come from the one above, who did call out loudly a few times. Perhaps one of the parents was visible flying over to Fort Tryon Park.

The fledge did move about, causing the antenna to sway around. He settled on a position bang atop the upright.

Fairview Ave. Fledgling - 2735

Continually looking around.

Fairview Ave. Fledgling - 2739

And preening just a bit.

Fairview Ave. Fledgling - 2742

Although I hadn't spotted the sibs, I did hear later that there had been a fledgling red-tail perched on a fire escape a block and a half north at the corner of Hillside and Bogardus.

Posted 6/14/2015 10:32:00 PM by Robert

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