6/26, St. John the Divine

Madeleine the hawk was again perched on the side of her nest early Friday evening, keeping an eye on something within and also watching the world around her. She seemed to be keeping an eye on me, as I made the circuit of viewing points from 113th St. up to 115th St., then down and over to Manhattan Ave., and finally down along 110th St.

Cathedral Hawk Nest - 3219

After a half hour or so, I discovered Norman had snuck in to the area and was perched nearby on a hospital chimney.

Norman - 3281

A few minutes later he flew over to join Madeleine in the nest.

Madeleine and Norman - 3301

He left quickly thereafter. I thought a feeding might follow, but Madeleine also flew off a few moments later.

Posted 6/26/2015 08:43:00 PM by Robert

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