6/14, J. Hood Wright Park

Fledging season may be happening for Manhattan's red-tailed hawk nestlings, but at J. Hood Wright Park in Washington Heights, I found the three babies still in the nest. All three look big enough to leave, but the two youngest still have a fair amount of baby fuzz around the eyes, suggesting it could be another week for them. The oldest, though, might be ready to go by mid week.

Stepping out of the nearby subway station, I found one nestling in the usual spot in the corner of the nest keeping an eye on the goings-on below.

J. Hood Wright Hawk Nestling - 2516

It was warm and sunny, and there was hardly any flapping. Just a few pardon-me flaps as the baby hawks stumbled about the nest sticks.

J. Hood Wright Hawk Nestlings - 2519

Yes, I see you.

J. Hood Wright Hawk Nestling - 2521

One baby in the nest started trundling along the fire escape. Watching its progress, I found mama was in the back of the nest.

J. Hood Wright Hawk Nest - 2523

No idea what she was doing back there other than panting in the sun's heat.

The third baby was at the other end of the fire escape platform.

J. Hood Wright Hawk Nestlings - 2528

Nestling one and mama.

J. Hood Wright Hawk Nest - 2531

The wandering nestling started back toward the nest.

J. Hood Wright Hawk Nestling - 2544

Oh, hey. The family is complete. Dad is here.

Dad Delivers - 2568

He looked about a moment and then hopped down where everybody else was at.

J. Hood Wright Hawk - 2574

Ah, dad is delivering a pigeon. The kids must have all eaten recently, though, because no seemed too excited about the food.

Someone Ordered Pigeon? - 2575

And then, zip, dad departed.

Mom moved along the fire escape. What the heck is she up to?

J. Hood Wright Hawks - 2590

And then back to the nest.

J. Hood Wright Hawk Nest - 2606

Well, it looks like there's not going to be much action around here until the day cools down a bit. Time for me to move on.

Posted 6/14/2015 08:14:00 PM by Robert

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