7/12, More Hunting in the Close

After a long time of not finding any red-tailed hawks at the cathedral early this evening, I re-checked the close as I was about to end the day. There I found two of young hawks raising a ruckus as they swooped around, chasing and pouncing and otherwise causing chaos.

There was squirrel chasing. The squirrels won, 4-nil.

737 DSC_0162

Fence sitting.

742 DSC_0168

Squirrel ogling.

741 DSC_0166

Pulpit sitting.

747 DSC_0174

Pouncing on god-knows-what.

747 DSC_0176

Glaring at the witnesses.

747 DSC_0178

Acting like nothing was happening.

748 DSC_0181

More glaring.

748 DSC_0182

Cowering because... oh, no!

748 DSC_0183

Your sibling wants a piece of whatever it was you found on the ground.

748 DSC_0185

Now we have some examining and some glaring.

748 DSC_0187

And examining and staring.

748 DSC_0189

Then a pounce and a hey-gimme-some-of-that.

749 DSC_0196

And a game of chase around the lawn, followed by a disappearance into the trees.

Almost seemed the fun was over, but the kids put on an encore.

758 DSC_0204

The mutual examination of the lawn was somewhat quieter this time.

759 DSC_0205

A bit of consultation.

759 DSC_0214

Someone must have spotted a parent in the area, because both took off and swooping around again. As pigeons kept bursting into the air as hawks swept by, it seemed one of the young hawks was working his way up the side of the nave. Perched halfway up, it started begging. Then it got to the top of a nave buttress and begged even more.

804 DSC_0222

Then one parent came soaring overhead. Impossible to tell if it was Isolde or Norman, but the adult was definitely in mid-molt, with last year's R1 and L1 tail feathers gone and new ones just beginning to grow in.

But ah-hah, another hawk perched atop a nave buttress, and it's the other parent.

805 DSC_0234

A moment later this parent also took off, disappearing over the top of 501 Cathedral Parkway (hey, I usd to live there), leaving the one young hawk still begging atop a buttress.

Posted 7/12/2011 09:34:00 PM by Robert

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