7/5, More Angry Birds

On Tuesday evening, a noisy bunch of robins revealed one of the cathedral red-tailed hawk fledglings at the south end of Morningside Park. It was initially perched near the steps at the Morningside Drive corner entrance, but immediately shifted to a tree halfway to Manhattan Ave.

705 611 DSC_0259

It eyed the ground, perhaps looking for something to pounce on. But with all the robins chip-chipping away, it began to move around a bit and look this way and that.

705 614 DSC_0277

705 614 DSC_0279

Including one or two dirty looks at the photographer.

705 614 DSC_0282

705 615 DSC_0288

Still looking around after 12 or 15 minutes.

705 615 DSC_0290

But then off to a nearby tree, and then zoom off to the north, where the pigeons near the pond could be seen bursting into the air.

After 20 minutes of making a couple circuits around the south half of the park, angry robin chips again revealed a red-tail fledgling (the same one? a different one?) in the same area as before. After shifting to a higher perch, this one seemed to be set on staying where it was for the rest of the evening despite the miniature dive bombers making passes at it.

705 647 DSC_0306

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