7/13, All About the Close

The cathedral juvenile red-tailed hawks are all doing well. And I do mean all as in all three, as I was lucky to have the complete trio in view at one time for a minute on Wednesday evening.

Again checking the cathedral close to start the day's hawkwatching, I figured there must be a hawk about because the pigeons atop the old orphanage building kept taking off and circling around. Finally after 10-15 minutes, I spotted a young red-tail perched on the buttress overlooking the orphanage roof.

620 DSC_0237

And over close to Amsterdam Ave. there were angry robin noises. A young hawk was perched near the Peace Fountain, eying the lawn for potential prey.

622 DSC_0240

Checking back on that first hawk again, it has flown off. But there's one perched nearby on a finial above the apse roof.

631 DSC_0266

There are begging noises again, but from the middle of the close.

No, not the peacock. They've been fairly quiet lately.

626 DSC_0249

But close to the peacock is a young red-tail perched in a very shady spot. While I'm trying to figure out camera settings, it takes off, and then another one flies by. Head back over by the peacock hutch and look up.

There's one young hawk perched on a turret.

636 DSC_0275

A second on the roof of the orphanage.

636 DSC_0276

(This one seems small; I wonder if this is a boy and the other two are girls.)

And in between is the third, back on the buttress.

637 DSC_0279

Then in turn they each take off, heading west.

638 DSC_0284

Begging noises again from near the west end of the close, but one hawk is way up on a spire along the cathedral nave roof.

642 DSC_0299

Where is he again?

641 DSC_0294

The begging noises fade away and for another 10-15 minutes, there is only the one hawk on the spire visible. Finally another is spotted flying back into the close; apparently it had been perched on a rooftop across Amsterdam Ave. Not sure if that's the hawk I spot a moment later perched on the side of the West Front tower.

712 DSC_0311

He disappears again a few minutes later. Then a young red-tail is spotted atop the Synod House before it flies back into the trees.

Then, ah-hah, an adult red-tail perched on a chimney at the Cathedral Parkway Arms apartments on 109th St. That would explain all the begging noises.

Light's been degrading quickly as bad weather moves in, and now the wind is picking up. Exit.

Posted 7/13/2011 10:10:00 PM by Robert

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On 12/13/2011 2:50 PM , brandon said...

I lived for two years on the corner of 122nd and Broadway, and never saw them ... thanks so much for this!