7/1, Angry Birds

On Friday, I found one of the cathedral red-tail fledglings hanging about across Morningside Drive in Morningside Park. It took some time to find him, but finally some robin chip-chipping revealed there was a young red-tail just barely inside the park between 112th and 113th Sts.

701 652 DSC_0189

Listening for such 'angry birds' noises has proven over the years to be the best way of finding one of the fledglings. This evening it was loud enough and lasted long enough that a fair number of passers-by were wondering what was going on some 40 feet over their heads.

701 713 DSC_0209

There was also some taunting by a squirrel. Or at least the squirrel was getting very close to the hawk, and then it would zip away as the young bird awkwardly lunged at it.

It seemed that the other two fledgling red-tails were not to be found, but as I made my exit along 113th St., both appeared atop St. Luke's hospital. Both were begging for attention, presumably from a parent whom I couldn't see.

701 738 DSC_0241

They soon took off across the street and up to the gap between the cathedral crossing and nave. Perhaps they had seen a parent headed for the close on the other side of the cathedral.

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Posted 7/05/2011 08:38:00 PM by Robert

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