7/7, Young Hawks on a Horn

Two of the cathedral red-tailed hawk fledglings were playing around on the rooftops early this evening. The third was apparently not to be found.

After a couple sightings along 113th St at 6:00, I again encountered the rooftop lurkers about 6:30. One was perched on the finial above St. Peter.

639 DSC_0355

Several minutes later, another flew out of the cathedral close and landed below, on the St. Savior Chapel cross.

639 DSC_0359

Moments later, both took off to the north. When I made it back up to 113th St. expecting to see them hopping around the hospital roof, I instead one found one perched all the way atop the cathedral, on St. Gabriel's horn.

643 DSC_0365

A minute later, the other landed on one of Gabriel's wings.

646 DSC_0373

Except for a couple brief fly-arounds, the duo stayed on Gabriel for the next 15-20 minutes. But they weren't quietly doing so. Rather they kept moving about. Part of it seemed to be a competition to see who could perch all the way out on the tip of Gabriel's horn.

657 DSC_0405

But neither managed to balance there neatly. So hop off and back onto one Gabriel's wings.

659 DSC_0411

Try again.

659 DSC_0413

It was much easier to perch back away the tip.

702 DSC_0426

Just past 7:00, the pair took off again, this time definitely to the roof of St. Luke's hospital. Aside from shifting position from one wing to another...

707 DSC_0430

It looked like they were there to stay.

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