7/26, All Around

There were four red-tailed hawk sightings near the Cathedral of St. John the Divine early Tuesday evening, but none close enough for a good picture. At least two hawks were involved, as a couple sightings were definitely a youngster and one was an adult.

None of the hawks were actually on the cathedral grounds or in Morningside Park. The first sighting, probably a youngster, was seen from a distance atop the Cathedral Parkway Towers on 110th St.; the second was was a youngster atop the tall chimney at St. Luke's Hospital; the third was a youngster on the back side of the roof of the apartments at 509 West 110th (west of Amsterdam); and the final sighting was mama Isolde perched atop the Lionsgate apartment tower on West 112th.

Posted 7/26/2011 09:51:00 PM by Robert

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