7/14, In Close

Sometimes you don't have to spend a moment looking for hawks. They just fly out to greet you and perch right overhead.

614 DSC_0321

614 DSC_0322

Even as I watched this youngster in the cathedral close, I could hear another begging 50-75 yards to the east. I decided to stay with the bird in hand.

616 DSC_0337

617 DSC_0344

617 DSC_0348

Within just a few minutes, it tried to catch something in the bushed at the west end of the new playground. Not the best plan, as there a fence prevents a direct attack. Oh, well, perch and think about it for a while.

618 DSC_0355

Walk back to the corner and check that bush again.

627 DSC_0361

628 DSC_0364

Pose for the photographer.

629 DSC_0378

Spot something interesting in the grass and make another attack.

630 DSC_0382

Dang. This doesn't seem edible.

630 DSC_0383

Mantle, because there are too many people who want whatever it is.

631 DSC_0384

Fly away.

633 DSC_0387

Ah, presumably the other young red-tail we heard earlier.

Everybody goes their separate ways. One young hawk tried to hide in a very shaded spot.

639 DSC_0394

And off to swoop at a squirrel. Missed, again.

703 DSC_0421

And take off.

Hawk in the close on the pulpit fence.

645 DSC_0400

I've lost track of who I may be watching now. And frankly, just because I only saw two hawks together at one point, there's no saying I haven't actually seen all three of the cathedral kids.

645 DSC_0404

646 DSC_0405

It's after 7:00 and the lights getting tough to deal with.

719 DSC_0428

But dang, all three baby hawks were definitely together on the lawn for just a moment as two swooped in to see what the third was jumping on.

Time goes by and, yep, all three of the young hawks are about. They're zooming about less and interacting more.

747 DSC_0456

And there they all are together.

749 DSC_0465

Everybody back over to the pulpit fence.

750 DSC_0474

751 DSC_0477

They don't seem to pay much attention to the peacock wandering around, too. Probably have already figured out he's too big a job.

754 DSC_0482

They break up. One swoops at a leaf not far away.

803 DSC_0491

Then perches on something a little higher.

808 DSC_0496

And eventually a tripartite round of begging begins. Where's the adult?

822 DSC_0519

The parent stays a few minutes but then takes, headed toward Broadway and 110th (excellent pigeon territory), or perhaps Riverside Park. The kid hawks quiet down.

Posted 7/14/2011 11:08:00 PM by Robert

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On 7/15/2011 10:15 AM , yojimbot said...

awesome hawks!

On 1/05/2012 6:45 PM , Out Walking the Dog said...

This is just a fantastic post! I'd read it before, but have come back now in winter to remember the young hawks.

But where are you, Bloomingdale Village? I miss your blog posts. Hope you are just on hiatus, and will start posting again soon.