6/29, Three Together

On Wednesday evening, it was easy to find all three cathedral red-tail fledglings. Just watch one and the other two will show up.

The first fledgling was quickly spotted on a ledge between the nave and the north transept arch.

612 DSC_0068

He was sitting quietly, perhaps recently fed, and preened and scratched now and again.

611 DSC_0063

Soon enough, a second fledgling was spotted 40 yards east on the buttress between the arch and choir. It was apparently picking over a carcass, and only its backside was visible, bobbing up and down.

Twenty or 25 minutes later, the second fledge flew over to join its sibling.

634 DSC_0078

634 DSC_0082

The second fledge was more active, moving about the ledge, occasionally disappearing out of sight behind the lip and re-appearing a minute later 20 feet away.

637 DSC_0092

But one time when it disappeared and re-appeared, I wondered how it moved from there to over there so quickly. It turned out that all three fledgings were up there.

653 DSC_0124

The trio spent 15-20 minutes together, preening and scratching.

653 DSC_0120

And perhaps picking over carcasses of old meals somewhere out of sight.

About 7:00, one fledge decided it needed some time to itself and took off.

657 DSC_0136

It perched above St. Ansgar Chapel for a few minutes.

701 DSC_0153

Then flew back west and tried to land on the roof of the nave, but missed. It turned around and flew across the street to land on the hospital roof. And in their respective spots, the three fledglings remained until after I left.

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