6/14, Lonely Nestling

On a gray and wet evening, I spend a frustrating 45 minutes trying to find one of the cathedral red-tail fledglings. It was obviously somewhere in trees between the Cathedral School and the condos, as it could be heard begging for 20-25 minutes and the robins in the area were going nuts for another 20-25 minutes. But the foliage was too thick, and eventually it must have moved somewhere deeper into the cathedral close as the robins suddenly shut up.

Meanwhile, mama Isolde was around for part of the time, keeping an eye on things. She disappeared right about when the fledgling quit begging (obviously not a coincidence).

Isolde and Gabriel

I didn't see or hear the second fledgling, but that was the result of spending too much trying to find the first one and then fleeing the rain.

Meanwhile, the youngest baby red-tail remains in the nest, although venturing out to perch on St. Andrew's hand. Hard to say when it will fledge, but it could be a couple more days. In the past we've seen differences of up to five days between first and last fledging.

Lonely Nestling

Posted 6/14/2011 08:53:00 PM by Robert

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