6/6, Still in the Nest

Again, all three Cathedral red-tail babies were still in the nest mid-Monday evening. No wing flapping at all while I watched so maybe they need to be encouraged to fledge.

The trio were fairly quiet the first 40 minutes or so that I watched, with no activity more strenuous than preening. It wasn't apparent right away that all three were still up there, but eventually all three were seen at one time.

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestlings

Cathedral Red-Tail Nestlings

There was a burst of activity from the parents starting about 6:45, with three short visits first occurring as garbage was removed from the nest and food was apparently delivered.

Red-Tail Parent and Child

After a short respite, there was a fourth parental visit. it lasted about 5 minutes. It seemed Isolde is no longer directly feeding the babies but was communicating something along the lines of, "Watch this. See. This is how you rip a pigeon open to get at the food."

After Isolde took off, I left also. But hawk activity continued as Norman flew overhead to perch on the roof of St. Luke's above the emergency entrance.

Norman atop St. Luke's

Isolde appeared a moment later carrying food. She landed on an air conditioner below and started eating her dinner. Norman watched for a while but left after a blue jay perched nearby and started to jeer at him.

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