6/10, Still No Fledge

All three young red-tailed hawks remain in the nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Although I had though the first of them to hatch might have been old enough to fledge by last weekend, it looks more likely that my guess on its age was off by several days. Instead of today possibly marking 49 days since hatch it looks more like it's been just 45. Still, that means a fledge could happen any time.

In any event, although it took a moment to be sure, there they all were early this evening. Two were relatively active when I first arrived to watch, one standing on St. Andrew's hand and doing some vigorous flapping, at one time elevating as much as six inches, and another doing some good wing stretched on the other side of the nest.

559 DSC_0400

601 DSC_0409

602 DSC_0420

603 DSC_0426

603 DSC_0433

603 DSC_0434

They quieted down after 10-15 minutes and although they remained visible, there wasn't much to see for a while. A couple sightings were made of their mother, perched in the area. Around 7:10, the babies perked up a bit.

713 DSC_0480

Norman then made a food delivery and Isolde flew in right behind him. For a moment all five were in the nest before Norman took off again.

715 DSC_0485

Isolde thought about something for a few moments, and then stepped further into the nest to supervise the meal.

715 DSC_0491

715 DSC_0494

715 DSC_0497

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