6/7, Lying Doggo

The cathedral red-tail nest was quiet early this evening, and after the combined viewing time of a couple hawkwatchers of perhaps 90 minutes, it seemed as if only one baby was still in the nest. Maybe a second if some possible flickers of movement in the background were to be believed. Did it mean that one of the nestlings had fledged?

649 DSC_0258

But about 7:10, a second baby finally stood up in the nest. Rather blatantly so.

710 DSC_0275

A couple minutes later, one of the two got very excited and flapped like crazy for half a minute. At one point it was getting enough lift that both feet were visibly off of the nest.

712 DSC_0301

Note the expression of awe and amazement on the nestling who's watching.

712 DSC_0305

The flapper settled down, but all that excitement caused the third baby to get up and active. It too had been lying doggo in the nest for an hour or more.

716 DSC_0335

Dang. No fledge.

Posted 6/07/2011 11:57:00 PM by Robert

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On 6/08/2011 1:07 AM , Donegal Browne said...

Super photos Rob, thank you! Wish I was there.