6/15, Meeting atop St. Luke's

The young cathedral red-tails were easy to find tonight, and that was even before one started begging loudly.

One fledgling was perched on a small spire above St. Ansgar chapel.

623 DSC_0242

ANother fledgling was exploring the top of one of the north transept buttresses.

627 DSC_0248

And Youngest was still in the nest.

631 DSC_0257

It was easy to keep at least two of the young hawks in view at a time.

637 DSC_0275

The fledgling above the chapel started begging, although we couldn't tell if it was because it had spotted an adult in the area.

637 DSC_0279

After 20 minutes or so, the fledgling on the buttress got up and flew across the street, disappearing somewhere on the roof of St. Luke's hospital. We couldn't see it, but the area robins made it obvious what section of the roof it was on.

The fledgling on the chapel spire stayed where it was for a while.

655 DSC_0311

Eventually it made the short flight to the roof of the Baptistry. But before it had much time to explore, mama Isolde arrived carrying a bit of food (apparently a small bird) and landed on the corner of the hospital roof.

702 DSC_0325

The fledgling on the Baptistry flew over and landed just below her. There must have already been some food there, as Isolde held on to what she had as she watched it feed.

705 DSC_0345

The other fledgling soon re-appeared on a higher section of the roof and Isolde flew over to meet it, carrying the bit of food.

708 DSC_0354

Mother and child perched together for 10 minutes or so.

713 DSC_0373

And then Isolde flew back over to the cathedral, perching on a turret just past the nest. Perhaps she was trying to encourage Youngest to fly out and join her.

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