5/31, Another Cathedral Trio

(Ed. note: Sorry for the lack of posts. Work demands were high in late May, and Memorial Day weekend involved a trip to Maine for a niece's college graduation. The only hawk I saw for two weeks was the one circling over I-95 near the New Hampshire toll booths, both times we passed through.)

Early Thursday I learned that another hawk watcher had spotted a third baby in the red-tail nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Better yet, the weather was very fine, so hanging about the nest area trying to confirm that spotting was quite pleasant.

Mama Isolde was perched on Gabriel's horn when I arrived and remained there until around 6:30.

Isolde and Gabriel

At the nest, just two babies were visible. One on the right side was working over the remains of an earlier meal, while another quietly sat on the left side watching.

Hanging Out

First hatch at the nest occurred 44 days ago, so the fledging window should now be open. However, there was little wing flapping during the hour-plus that I watched. The nestling on the right did do a bit of stretching.




Which turned into a bit of panic-flapping as it tried to step about the nest without tripping over the sticks or a sibling.

But that didn't last long, and for a half or so, the duo sat, watched and preened.

Around 7:00, the pair perked up a bit, stretched their wings, poked their beaks into odd corners of the nest. And finally, a third head was visible.

Three Nestlings

Three Nestlings

With all three sitting up, perhaps the scene felt a little too cramped. One of the nestlings decided to get some personal space by climbing up on St. Andrew's head.

Three Nestlings

That nestling perched remain atop the statue until I had to leave 10-15 minutes later, while the other two settled down in nest where they couldn't be seen.

On St. Andrew's Head

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On 6/03/2012 3:03 PM , Out Walking the Dog said...

Thanks so much for the update. I was wondering what the latest news was for the Cathedral nest. Thrilling.