6/4, No Going Home Again (Without Stronger Wings)

Early Monday evening found the three cathedral red-tail babies in the same spots they had been on Sunday evening. The fledgling was perching on the small spires around the roof of St. Ansgar chapel.

Fledgling on Finial

And its two siblings were taking it easy in the nest.


The fledgling was lonely or hungry, and twice in the first 20 minutes that I watched he made an attempt to fly back up to the nest.

Fledgling in Air

But he wasn't gaining any altitude and would end up on the ledge below the stained glass window. There he'd pace about, and look up trying to figure out how to get higher up.

Pacing the Window Sill

Oh, well, back to the chapel spires.

Fledgling on Finial

The fledge might not have the strength to fly high, but he did know how to stick his landings on the spire tops.

Things remained much the same for some time thereafter. The fledge looking uncomfortable in the gaze of the stone saints.

Fledgling and Sts. Simon and Jude

Albeit showing some curiosity about his surroundings.

Fledgling and St. Matthew

The two nestlings sitting around, maybe flapping their wings a bit but not too much.

Nestling Flapping

Around a quarter to seven, the fledge began to beg. Was it loneliness, or hunger? The noise grew louder as time passed.

Piteous Begging

7:00 went by and he was still at it, and it was loud enough that one of the parents had to be somewhere in sight. Walking around I found that both parents were perched on Norman's favorite chimney at the hospital. But within a few minutes one parent took off.

A bit after that the fledgling made another attempt to get back to the nest. He gained some altitude this time, but dang, hardly enough.

This Didn't Work Out Like I Planned

He grabbed hold of the metal support running across the window 10 or 12 feet about the bottom ledge. Okay, now what to do?

On to Plan B

After a half minute he let ago and fluttered down to land on the roof of St. Boniface chapel. After a few moments he returned to one of the Ansgar spires.

Mama Isolde then made a visit to the nest and then departed a few minutes later. Apparently no food was involved as the nestlings made no motion towards feeding. The fledgling remained on the spire as the overcast evening darkened.

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