6/7, Not Much to See

Hawkwatching at the cathedral of St. John the Divine was difficult on Thursday, as other than the one remaining nestling, the rest of the family remained out of sight for most of the evening.

Well after the rain burst had ended, some isolated robin alarms hinted that there was a hawk at the east end of the hospital roof. Eventually I found one of the fledglings, presumably the first, preening on a chimney top in a spot visible only from a small area near 114th St.

A bit later I found Mama Isolde perched on a spire on the side of the unbuilt north tower of the cathedral's West Front. A good place to perch and keep an eye on 113th St. but have some defense against attacking kestrels, blue jays, et al.

Isolde Near west Front

Around 7:45 the fledgling on the chimney flew across the street toward mama, but not all the way there. It landed on the railing along the eave of the nave and settled in for more preening.

Fledgling on Nave Rail

While looking for the hawks, I did encounter either Jim or Harry hanging about near a small party on the landing of the old orphanage.

Cathedral Peacock

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