6/11, The Entire Family

Monday evening along 113th St., the entire red-tailed hawk family put in an appearance, and at one point all five of them were within 50 or 60 feet of each other.

Two of the fledglings were immediately visible when I first arrived. One fledge was on the roof of what there is of the cathedral's north transept, just 20 feet or so off the ground.

Begging RT Fledgling

He was loudly begging.

Begging RT Fledgling

Turning around to see what he might be looking on the hospital roof, I found another fledging perched outside a high window on the plant pavilion. He was also begging a bit, just not quite so much.

After I made a quick peek in the park to see the third fledging might be there, I found that the fledgling at the cathedral had disappeared but there were now two on the hospital roof. And then Mama Isolde popped up behind one of the two. Isolde and one fledgling were on one roof section and eating; the other fledge was on a rooftop 10 or 12 feet below and begging Isolde to bring food down.

After several minutes of this, the fledgling next to Isolde started wandering around. But then the third fledge popped up on yet a higher section of the roof.

Four Hawks

Kestrels could be seen zooming around toward the other end of the hospital, and when I went to see if papa Norman was perched down there somewhere, he came soaring over. A few circles and then he landed next to the fledgling on the high roof, hung about for a minutes, and then took off. A bit more soaring around, and he was gone.

Isolde took her time finishing her meal, by which time the begging fledgling had finally flown up beside her and also started feeding. Isolde didn't hang around much longer before also taking off for the evening.

Isolde in the Air

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