6/6, Second Fledge Meets Un-Welcome Wagon

The second youngster from the red-tail at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine fledged from the nest around 1:00 or 2:00 Wednesday afternoon. As Jeremy's video shows, it went off the top of St. Andrew's head and down into the trees below, apparently getting enough glide that it ended up in a tree across the street in Morningside Park.

When I managed to make it over to the area after 6:00, I found that the first fledgling was again lurking about in the turret above the nest, while the third baby was still in the nest.

Fledgling and Nestling

Robin chirping directly across the street indicated the second fledgling was still close to where he originally landed. He was out on a branch cluster, swaying in the breeze. His flapping for balance revealed his position.

Frightened Fledgling

The robin's were chirping like crazy, a cardinal occasionally joined in, and another bird whose call I didn't recognize also chimed in. Not quite a cacophony, but not what one wants to hear for the first 5 hours after leaving home for the first time. The new fledgling was looking weirded out.

Frightened Fledgling

Even the sight of the photographer way down on the ground seemed to frighten him.

Frightened Fledgling

Back up at the nest, Norman apparently made a food delivery and Isolde also made a visit. The neighborhood kestrels were also about, and buzzed Isolde numerous times when she perched on the hospital roof.

The remaining nestling did make some suggestive wing stretches, but remained in the nest.

Wing Stretches

After checking on the nestling, I turned around to find that the second fledge had disappeared from its wobbly perch. Robin alarms indicated it was still in the area, but where? It seemed it might have dropped from the high perch down to a lower tree top just a bit farther into the park, but it took over 30 minutes before anyone magaed to get a glimpse of where it was hiding in dense foliage. Bruce managed to get some pictures of it cowering from the robin's hostile welcome.

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