6/8, One Seen, One Heard

The third nestling from the red-tail nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine apparently fledged on Friday. The nest looked deserted in the early evening, and there were third- or fourth-hand reports of someone seeing it make the jump earlier in the day.

Robin alerts revealed the location of one fledgling, perched just inside Morningside Park in the same tree where the second fledge had spent much of Wednesday. It was studiously preening and generally ignoring the robins.


Given its location, was this Friday's fledge?

There seemed to be almost no sign of the other two fledglings, the exception being that every now and again, there were squeeping begging noises coming from the vicinity of the south-side chapel roofs. But robins in that area didn't seem too perturbed.

The one visible fledgling did move around a bit in its tree, and at one point revealed what looked a full crop.


Otherwise, the only bird of note was a black-crowned night heron perched in the willow tree by the pond in the park.


Posted 6/08/2012 11:14:00 PM by Robert

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