May 13, 2014

5/13, St. John the Divine

First sight of a nestling at the red-tailed hawk nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine came last Wednesday. But it was a bit unsure whether a second was also visible. Plus, the cathedral nest has a history of three baby hawks almost every year, even if it sometimes took 4-5 weeks to spot the third.

So when would we be sure how many were up there this year? How about today?

First hawk in view early Tuesday evening was an adult on the tall chimney at St. Luke's hospital.

Cathedral Hawk (9197)

All looked quiet at the nest, but a few minutes later one of the babies could be seen moving about. A moment later, Isolde arrived to start a feeding.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (9252)

Obviously two up there getting their evening meal.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (9223)

No, there's additional movement on the other side of Isolde's right leg.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (9304)

Yep. A bit hard to see, but definitely three baby red-tailed hawks at the cathedral.

The feeding lasted 17-18 minutes, and then Isolde took out the trash.

Cathedral Hawk Nest (9348)

She may have dumped it in the middle of the construction site, as a moment later she was perched on the protective netting around the hospital's Minturn Pavilion.

Cathedral Hawk (9361)

And the father had appeared, too, as he was hanging out on the tall chimney.

Isolde returned to the nest 20 minutes later and fussed about a bit. But no new feeding began. Just time to begin settling down for the evening.

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