May 25, 2014

5/23, Washington Heights/Wright Park

Late Friday afternoon I passed by the J. Hood Wright Park nest. It seemed like hardly anything had changed since the previous visit.

Baby hawks sitting around the nest.

JHW Hawk Nest (0465)

And mama perched on the railing above.

JHW Hawk (0471)

Yes, I see you, too.

JHW Hawk Nest (0479)

Well, here's something new and exciting. The nestlings are starting to exercise their wings more deliberately.

JHW Hawk Nest (0480)

JHW Hawk Nest (0483)

JHW Hawk Nest (0485)

Not quite a vigorous flapping yet, but getting close.

One last look from mama, and then time to move on.

JHW Hawk (0501)

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  1. Thanks for keeping track of our neighbors. We stop and watch them often!