May 3, 2014

5/3, CCNY/Shepard Hall

The red-tailed hawks at CCNY have one of the more scenic nesting sites, located on a gargoyle's head on the east side of Shepard Hall, overlooking St. Nicholas Park and Harlem. But it's high up and a bit remote so reports of the activity there are infrequent. I headed up there Saturday afternoon and eventually discovered both adults almost at the top of one of the corner towers of the hall.

CCNY Hawks (8240)

Excellent views up there. Maybe they could even see the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium. And apparently they were enjoying the view, because neither seemed inclined to go anywhere.

Aside from an occasional stretch.

CCNY Hawks (8257)

And a bit of preening.

CCNY Hawks (8261)

They stayed in place for at least an hour and a quarter, until I finally gave up and moved on to check on another nest.

CCNY Hawks (8275)

Nevertheless, a possible hatch at the CCNY nest has been reported.

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